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Interesting facts about Counter Strike 1.6 Download

counter_strike 1.6Counter Strike 1.6 download has been, along the years, one of the most popular Google searches, meaning that millions of users all over the world have searched for the 1.6 version of Counter Strike because they wanted to download it and play the game. Counter Strike is a teamplay tactical first-person action game. Simply put, Counter Strike or CS is a shooter video game. Players have to engage in an incredible real life-like situation created by the first-person option. Their goal is to complete a series of strategic missions as part of a team and by shooting the enemies. Because CS was designed to be played as part of a team, this game is ideal for the multi-player option making it popular in internet cafes around the world. Some main goals of the game include saving hostages, taking out enemy camps, destroying military bases and climbing mountains.

Counter Strike 1.6 download

There are some system requirements for Counter Strike 1.6 download. Users must have a personal computer with one of the following operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Their computer’s CPU must be over 800 MHz, the RAM capacity must be over 128 MB and the video system over 32 MB. Users must also have a good internet connection if they want to play the game with friends online, a keyboard and a mouse.

Users interested in a Counter Strike 1.6 download should only download it from a safe internet source. Usually, safe sites have some kind of announcements that make users aware of the fact that their downloads will be 100% safe. This means that users won’t get their PC’s infected with spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

Counter Strike 1.6 downloadcounter strike 1.6 download

Counter strike 1.6 download has gained its popularity because it was an easy to play game, very entertaining and captivating and set in an environment that appealed to teenagers and young adults. Their basic mission consisted of shooting enemies, traveling in secret camps and unlocking secret missions that involved more shooting. Also, CS has a wide variety of weapons and military guns, each with different loading and shooting capabilities and designed for different missions: sniper missions, combat missions, guerilla warfare and many more. For many users around the world, CS was their first lesson in war games. Every true gamer has played, at least once, the popular Counter Strike.

Counter Strike 1.6 download

Over the years, Counter Strike has sold more than 25 million units. CS has a history of 12 years, being one of the first shooting games to reach such a huge popularity. There have been different versions of the game, even ones including terrorism and counter-terrorism missions set in the contemporary word.

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